Chad Coppess

5815 W Cleveland Rd,
Montague, MI,
USA 49437
Telephone: (231) 742-1565
Chad Coppess is the Program Administrator at Grace Adventures, an equipping and training center located in the Silver Lake/Mears area of Michigan that serves close to ten thousand people a year. Chad has also founded Cross Training Horsemanship where he travels teaching healthy relationship principles and character development to audiences while training horses. Chad has been a member of the Muskegon County Mounted Division since 2003. He also has served as the Vice President of CHA. A life member of CHA, Chad is certified as wilderness guide and outfitter, and a trail clinic instructor. He conducts clinics and presents at various conferences, workshops and trade shows. Chad holds a Bachelors degree in Educational Ministries. He enjoys sorting cattle at the neighbors, packing friends out on elk hunts, helping his kids in 4H, and looks forward to taking them on pack trips as they get older. Chad serves people primarily in the Silver Lake, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Chicago, and Travers City areas.
Category: Instructors
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Membership Number: 8644
Standard Certification Level:
Trail Certification Level: Assistant Clinic Instructor, Instructor Level 4, Trail Guide Level 4
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Certification Expiry: Trail 31-Oct-2016
Membership Expiry: Lifetime

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