Dawn O'Connor

4496 West Happy Trail Ln. ,
Springfield, MO,
USA 65803
Telephone: (417) 742-4200
My goal in every riding program at the Sac River Stables, LLC is safety while working around & riding horses, to have fun at a Christian family operation, and increase your equine knowledge. Providing excellent care for all of our lesson and boarded horses is top priority. Happy trails!!!
Category: Instructors
Listing Information
Membership Number: 9698
Standard Certification Level:
Trail Certification Level:
Standard Certification Level: English 4 Western 4 - Master Instructor
IRD Certification Level:
EFM Certification Level:
SESC Certification Level:
Vaulting Certification Level:
Accredited Site Visitor:
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Certification Expiry: English and Western 31-May-2020
Membership Expiry: Lifetime

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