Corrie Ensom

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Employment Position: Manager of the Teen Ranch Horse Program Full Time at Teen Ranch beginning in 1998. Riding Experience: I have been riding since I was 2 and competing since the age of 4. I have trained and competed in many different disciplines including hunter, jumper, western pleasure, barrel racing/gaming events and breed shows in Canada, USA and Australia. Highest achievements include #1 Adult Equitation Rider in Ontario 2 years in a row. I have been training young, problem and show horses for 30 years. Teaching Experience I have been teaching horse back riding for 30 years. My passion is teaching Equitation. I’ve also been hired as a freelance instructor, teaching speciality clinics for other coaches and barns for the last 20 years. Horsemanship Certifications: Certified in First Aid by Red Cross. Certified as a Master Instructor/ACI with CHA in 2000. Certified as a Clinic Instructor with CHA since 2003, with a passion for "teaching how to teach" so that it is received in a clear and exciting way.
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