Kathy Stone

695 Highway 60,
Cedarburg, WI,
USA 53012
Telephone: (262) 305-8040
Wild Strawberry Acres proudly hosts Hope's Chariot, Inc. Hope’s Chariot, Inc. is a non-profit organization which provides therapeutic sessions utilizing horses; our program offers therapeutic riding and experiential therapy and learning via Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and other activities, providing the opportunity to improve mental health and well-being for individuals with special needs. Hope’s Chariot Inc. also provides horse boarding and natural horsemanship lessons and riding lessons to the general public. These experiences provide education and growth, empowering and building resiliency in all individuals participating therein.
Category: Instructors
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Membership Number: 14549
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Standard Certification Level: 2 English, Jumping,
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Certification Expiry: English 30-Jun-2021
Membership Expiry: 12/31/2019

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