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The name “Miroir du Cheval” loosely translated means “Mirror of the Horse” Here at MC Equestrian LLC we strive to offer professional, fun, educated, instruction and training to both the horse and rider.  My approach to training/teaching is that the horse is a direct reflection of the rider’s own biomechanics. The definition of biomechanics is: "The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms." If the rider is crooked and off balance, then the horse will be as well. It is my goal for the riders to learn and understand how their own body has a direct effect on the horse in the way it moves and performs. Understanding ...this makes you a better rider, competitor, and companion to your horse. No matter your riding discipline or style, biomechanics has something for everyone. Biomechanics may be a key part of my training, but at the heart of my passion is using horses as a ministry to bring honor and glory to God. Like the horse reflects the rider, I choose to live my life in reflection of Him. I am a USDF Bronze Medalist and a Certified Instructor with the following organizations: CHA - Certified Horsemanship Association – Master Level/Clinic Instructor. PATH – Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship – Instructor
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