Kelsey Pizac

3001 SE Oxbow Pkwy,
Gresham, OR,
USA 97080
Telephone: (801)674-8806
My name is Kelsey Pizac, and I've been teaching horseback riding lessons for the past 8 years. I grew up riding dressage, and transitioned to a more western focus in 2010, though I can teach both English and Western. I was originally certified as a CHA Level 2 Instructor in 2012, and then gained a Level 3 certification in 2017. Additionally, I'm the Associate Program Director at YMCA Camp Collins, and oversee our summer horse program. While we don't have horses at camp during the school year, I have my personal horse at a barn in Boring, OR that I've been using in camp programs for the past 7 years. Whether you're interested in private lessons during the year, or in our summer camp programs at Collins, feel free to reach out!
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