Dale Rudin

5427 Gaskill Branch Rd,
Santa Fe, TN,
USA 38482
Telephone: 949-337-3269
I am a CHA certified professional English and Western riding instructor. I help people solve problems they are having with their horse by improving their skills as a rider and horseperson. My program is grounded in natural equine behavior. I will show you how to "speak horse" for clear communication between yourself and your equine companion. I will show you how to create an emotionally and physically balanced horse on the ground and under saddle. This is achieved through comfort, understanding, and relaxation. I use classical dressage along with techniques I have developed over the years. My approach is methodical - your horse won't be asked to do more than he's ready for. Your horse's comfort and well-being is my highest priority. I will give you the effortless, successful, and cooperative relationship you and your horse deserve. No matter the problem you are having with your horse, catching, leading, trailer loading, trail riding, competing, spooking, rough gaits, past trauma, lack of responsiveness, or if you simply want to improve your skills as a rider and advance your horse's potential. I work with people at all stages of their equine journey, all breeds of horses, gaited and non-gaited, and all disciplines. I will come your home or barn to work with you and your horse and carry the insurance required by most boarding facilities. New clients receive a complimentary evaluation of horse and tack. Other services available. Please visit www.Un-NaturalHorsemanship.com or email dalerudin@gmail.com for more information
Category: Instructors
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Membership Number: 17371
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Standard Certification Level: English 2 Western 3
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Certification Expiry: English and Western 31 May 2021
Membership Expiry: 12/31/2018

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