Krista Schneider

236 Clems Run,
Mullica Hill, NJ,
USA 08062
Website: http://
Telephone: 856-701-7562
Joaquin and I riding trail. English and Western riding lessons (private) also certified to teach equine therapy for Disabled individuals.
Category: Instructors
Listing Information
Membership Number: 17244
Standard Certification Level:
Trail Certification Level:
Standard Certification Level: English 1 Western 1
IRD Certification Level: Cognitive 1 Physical 1
EFM Certification Level:
SESC Certification Level:
Vaulting Certification Level:
Accredited Site Visitor:
Accredited Site:
Approved Host Site:
Certification Expiry: English and Western 30 Nov 2020 IRD 31-Aug-2020
Membership Expiry: 12/31/2018

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