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Madison has found her passion in teaching. Her main focuses are safety, fun, and building a solid foundation for both horse and rider. Her teaching talents are not limited to children, but to adults as well. Madison's discipline of choice is dressage. She believes the core foundation it sets is truly the best place to begin for all types of riding. It is her goal to establish these basics in all of her students. Madison is both a contracted and independent instructor who is also certified through PATH, Intl. She is passionate about sharing all of her knowledge to help her students be the best riders they can be. Madison's short term goals for 2014 are to rate up her CHA certification level, bring her new pony to Second Level dressage, and attend/audit as many clinics as she can. Her long term goals are to eventually be a certified instructor through the USDF and obtain her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals.
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