Kathryn Kuharsky Moore

33888 Howell Road,
Waller, TX,
USA 77484
Telephone: 713-419-2000
SUGARFOOT JOG RANCH Natural Horsemanship/Non-Resistant Training Learn how to communicate with your horse, not with force, fear or intimidation but through feel and horse psychology. Learn a deeper understanding of how horses think act, feel and play. Obtain lightness and responsiveness without using artificial aids. Solve and prevent problems and add more fun and creativity to your relationship. Build a solid foundation with your horse so that he becomes a willing partner with you. How do you help your horse become the ideal equine partner? By becoming the leader that your horse needs you to be! In addition to offering Natural Horsemanship Private Lessons and Clinics, Colt Starts, Groundwork/Foundation Training, and Trailer Loading, Kathy is an E3A Master Trainer certified in Corporate Team-building and Leadership and also is certified as an Equine Specialist with EAGALA. Her background in EAP/EAL work has been working with girls that are victims of trafficking and also creating programs for young adolescents that are currently in and have aged out of the foster care system. Kathy holds the following certifications: Parelli Natural Horsemanship: Level 1 and Level 2 CHA: Level 1 Western - Level 1 English E3A (Equine Experiential Education): Master Trainer/ Certified Facilitator with a Specialty in Corporate EAGALA: Certified Equine Specialist
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Membership Number: 18457
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Standard Certification Level: English 1 Western 1
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Certification Expiry: English and Western 31-May-2020
Membership Expiry: 12/31/2018

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