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4390 N. Glen Rd.,
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Telephone: 928-279-7581
We have developed many programs to help our community in every aspect possible; from therapeutic riding to NON therapeutic beginner horsemanship/riding lessons, small groups and team building sessions. We will be happy to help you, your family, and your team members. Our mission is to improve the minds, body’s and spirits of children and adults with disabilities through equine-assisted therapeutic riding. Joy can heal in so many ways and we strive to help in the healing process for family and friends of the special needs client. We are a 501(c) 3 facility leading the way in Mohave County in Equine Assisted Therapy offering an specially designed ramp with an automated hoist system along with specially fabricated saddles to offer wheelchair dependent clients an opportunity to experience the joy and freedom that comes with riding a horse. Located in Kingman, Az., many travel for miles around to participate in our unique equine therapy programs. Students range from two years old to Seniors and have a wide range of disabilities and challenges from cognitive impairments such as Down Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorder to physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and spinal cord injuries as well as mental health issues and sensory impairments. They all learn riding skills while improving their balance, strengthen muscles, work on educational goals, advance communication skills, which will increase their self-esteem and gain confidence.
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