Pamela Rosenborg

32 Haines Rd,
Stockton, NJ,
USA 08559
Telephone: 9086561206
Owner/Manager of Pennfields Farm - PnR Training in Stockton NJ. A Private family farm dedicated to the care and training of horses; Arabians in particular. Emphasis is on positive reinforcement and interaction as therapy for the horse and the individual building a relationship thru good horsemanship from the ground up. CHA Certified Level 4 EFM, AHA Discovery Farm
Category: Instructors
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Membership Number: 20065
Standard Certification Level:
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Standard Certification Level:
IRD Certification Level: Cognitive Level 1 Physical Level 1
EFM Certification Level: Level 4 Equine Facility Manager
SESC Certification Level:
Vaulting Certification Level:
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Certification Expiry: EFM 30-Sep-2020 IRD 30-Apr-2021
Membership Expiry: 12/31/2021

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