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Carrie Brown

PO Box 177,
Danville, OH,
USA 43014
Website: http://
Telephone: 740-485-9766
My passion for kids and horses has lead to many opportunities so far in my life in multiple different states. But at this time I am a riding instructor for Camp Mohaven Equine. I work with the camps many programs including PELIA: the Equine Therapy for pubic schools, Read and Ride: the after school program, Trailblazers 4h club: that is also sponsored by the camp for kids that do not own horses. During the summer I direct horse camps for kids of all levels. Private lessons are also a big part of my work. It is not about forcing the horse to do things for your child. It is about teaching your child how to become the kind of person that horses want to do things with.
Category: Instructors
Listing Information
Membership Number: 12637
Standard Certification Level:
Trail Certification Level: Instructor Level 1, Trail Guide Level 1
Standard Certification Level: 2 Western
IRD Certification Level:
EFM Certification Level:
SESC Certification Level:
Vaulting Certification Level:
Accredited Site Visitor:
Accredited Site:
Approved Host Site:
Certification Expiry: Western 31-Mar-2022 Trail 31-Mar-2022
Membership Expiry: 12/31/2019

To find out what riding skills are included in each level click here - http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/30/Certifications.html#standard_instructor

To find out what it means to be an Accredited Site Visitor or Site Visitor Trainer click here - http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/34/Site_Accreditation.html

IRD – Instructor of Riders with Disabilities

EFM – Equine Facility Manager

To find out what certified instructors have to do every three years to keep their certification current click here - http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/42/Instructor_Recertification.html

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