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Heidi Potter

761 Weatherhead Hollow Rd,,
Guilford, VT,
USA 05301
Telephone: (802) 380-3268
Heidi Potter is a full time instructor, trainer, presenter and clinician committed to improving the relationship between horses and their humans. Her teaching and training style is one of patience, empathy and clear communication. As a Centered Riding® Clinician Ms. Potter assists students of all disciplines and levels with finding better comfort, confidence and balance in the saddle. As a trainer she is committed to helping others develop a more trusting and enjoyable relationship through education, mindfulness and compassion for the horse. In 2012 she became an Accredited Trainer (HAAT) with the International Horse Agility Club. She enjoys sharing this fun and exciting new equine sport by conducting agility play days at home and abroad. As a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Master Instructor and Clinician Ms. Potters helps to ensure education and safety in riding programs and facilities across North America. Combing all of these skills she has developed her program, “In Harmony With Horses” which helps to establish more safe, enjoyable and mutually respectful interactions between horses and humans. Ms. Potter offers instruction and training throughout the country and at her facility, The New England Center for Horsemanship, located in Southern Vermont. Visit www.HeidiPotter.com for more information, upcoming events or to learn about hosting your own event.
Category: Instructors
Listing Information
Membership Number: 9864
Standard Certification Level:
Trail Certification Level:
Standard Certification Level: Clinic Instructor, 4 English, 4 Western
IRD Certification Level:
EFM Certification Level:
SESC Certification Level:
Vaulting Certification Level: Assistant Clinic Instructor - VCC
Accredited Site Visitor: Yes
Accredited Site:
Approved Host Site:
Certification Expiry: English and Western 30-Jun-2019 VCC 30-Jun-2019
Membership Expiry: 12/31/2018

To find out what riding skills are included in each level click here - http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/30/Certifications.html#standard_instructor

To find out what it means to be an Accredited Site Visitor or Site Visitor Trainer click here - http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/34/Site_Accreditation.html

IRD – Instructor of Riders with Disabilities

EFM – Equine Facility Manager

To find out what certified instructors have to do every three years to keep their certification current click here - http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/42/Instructor_Recertification.html

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