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Stephanie Champ

721 Church St,
Benson, MN,
USA 56215
Website: http://
Telephone: 970-672-6170
I have nine years of experience teaching beginning and intermediate riders of all abilities and ages. Most of that experience comes from working at summer camps where I have been a wrangler and also a horse program director. I ride both english and western, have many hours of trail guiding and some packing experience. My lessons focus of safety, fun and the advancement of riding skills. I also hold certifications through American Association of Horsemanship Safety and PATH, Intl. Currently, I am employed as an instructor and volunteer coordinator at Calvin Center in Hampton, GA.
Category: Instructors
Listing Information
Membership Number: 16874
Standard Certification Level:
Trail Certification Level: Trail Guide
Standard Certification Level: English 1, Western 1
IRD Certification Level:
EFM Certification Level:
SESC Certification Level:
Vaulting Certification Level:
Accredited Site Visitor:
Accredited Site:
Approved Host Site:
Certification Expiry: English and Western 31-May-2018 Trail 31-May-2018
Membership Expiry: 12/31/2019

To find out what riding skills are included in each level click here - http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/30/Certifications.html#standard_instructor

To find out what it means to be an Accredited Site Visitor or Site Visitor Trainer click here - http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/34/Site_Accreditation.html

IRD – Instructor of Riders with Disabilities

EFM – Equine Facility Manager

To find out what certified instructors have to do every three years to keep their certification current click here - http://cha-ahse.org/store/pages/42/Instructor_Recertification.html

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