What is an Interac casino?

Interac is the flexible way to pay and receive money

No question about it: when we carry out a casino test , we of course also focus on the deposit and withdrawal options. It is not without reason that we are looking here for some providers that an online casino has to offer from our point of view. In addition to Master- and Visa this also includes the Canadian online payment provider Interac.

IDP is a national Canadian debit card service for paying for goods and services. Online Casino players enter their PIN and the payment is debited from their credit or savings account. Since its launch nationwide in 1994, IDP has become so widespread that most transactions in Canada were done with debit cards rather than cash. Since 2004, purchases through the IDP service can also be made in the United States, at retail outlets connected to the NYCE interbank network. IDP is similar to the EFTPOS system used in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Service work scheme

IDP purchases can be made at all participating retailers, regardless of the financial institution issuing the debit card used, and generally does not charge any fees or commissions for participating in the program. Banks may charge a withdrawal fee from the account used to pay for the purchase, but these fees are not related to the IDP service itself. Instead of paying for purchases, the service takes a fixed payment from retail outlets.

Playing for real money

If you want to play at a casino online for for real money , you have to register at first. It is best to choose a casino from the list of the best casinos for Canadain order to land with a reputable provider.